The New 2022 Range Rover Has Been Teased Ahead of Its October 26 Debut

  • On October 26, a new generation of Land Rover's luxury SUV, the Range Rover, will be introduced.
  • We anticipate that the Range Rover in 2022 will be even more luxurious and technologically advanced than previous models.
  • Land Rover's inline-six engine is expected to be standard, with V-8 and hybrid powertrains available as options.

Clarification: Land Rover confirmed to C/D that the new model will be available in the United States for the 2022 model year, rather than the 2023 model year as previously stated in this article. Given that the current and outgoing Range Rovers are already in their 2022 model years, it's unclear how the company intends to distinguish between the two in terms of naming convention, or whether the old and new models will be sold alongside one another.

Range Rover, the iconic luxury vehicle, will usher in a new era on October 26 when the latest generation makes its public debut. With the arrival of the new 2022 Range Rover on the horizon, Land Rover has released a few teaser photos of the vehicle, including a blurry profile shot and a close-up of the front badge. As expected, the luxury SUV will retain its boxy shape while sporting more contemporary detailing, with a design that is similar to that of the Range Rover Velar.

Full details on the Range Rover will be released soon, but we expect it to be powered by Land Rover's 3.0-liter inline-six engine, which will be combined with a 48-volt hybrid system, as its standard engine. A supercharged 5.0-liter V-8 engine, similar to the one found in the Defender, will almost certainly be available as an option, and a plug-in hybrid vehicle may be added to the lineup in the future. The interior will almost certainly feature a comprehensive infotainment update, as well as a variety of luxurious materials such as leather, wood, and aluminum.

Short- and long-wheelbase variants, as well as ultra-luxurious Autobiography models, are currently available on the current model, and we expect this to continue into the next generation. As a result, the price range is expected to be wide, starting at just under $100,000 and rising to around $200,000 for the most expensive models. It is expected that a redesign of the smaller Range Rover Sport will follow within a few months.

More information on the Land Rover Range Rover lineup for 2022 will be released next week as we learn more about the company's new flagship luxury SUV, the Land Rover Range Rover.

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