10 Weirdest Foods in the World, Fried Tarantula until Fish Smells

What kind of cuisine comes to mind when you talk about the strangest food in the world? Even though it may seem disgusting to you, in fact there are still many people who like these various foods and drinks.

Curious about anything? Here are some of the strangest foods in the world.

1. Escamoles

This food is made from ant larvae which are harvested from the roots of the agave plant. This dish is considered so delicious in Mexico that it is often called insect caviar. It tastes savory like butter, but a bit spicy.

2. Balut

The word "balut" comes from the Filipino language which means "to wrap." This food is made from duck embryos that have been fertilized and boiled alive and is widely consumed by people in Southeast Asia.

3. Ikizukuri

It is a forbidden dish in some countries because the way it is eaten is considered too extreme. Fish taken from the aquarium are sliced ​​by the chef directly in front of the consumer's eyes, without killing the animal first.

4. Fried Tarantula (A-ping)

This is a food that is considered delicious in Cambodia. This dish was first popular when famine hit the people led by the Khmer Rouge regime. After Pol Pot was overthrown, one of the strangest foods in the world continues to exist today.

5. Tuna Eyes

This food is fairly cheap and can be found in Japanese grocery stores. It tastes like squid and must be boiled before eating.

6. Mopane

The basic ingredient is mopane caterpillar. The caterpillars found on the mopane tree are an important source of protein for millions of people in Africa. Mopane caterpillars are usually processed dry and consumed as a snack.

7. Cazu Marzu

This Italian dish is made from sheep's milk cheese which contains live insect larvae. Even though the larvae are only about 8 mm long, it's still disgusting, right?

8. Civet coffee

This is one of the coffee varieties from Indonesia which is one of the most expensive commodities in the world. The price can reach USD 150 per pound. The main ingredient is coffee beans taken from the remains of civet animal droppings.

9. Drunk Shrimp

Drunken shrimp is a very popular dish in some parts of China. Shrimp are eaten alive after being soaked in a drink with a high alcohol content.

10. Hakarl

The next weirdest food in the world comes from Iceland. Hakarl is made from fermented shark meat and is considered one of the most foul-smelling foods in the world.

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