Benefits of Airplane Mode and When to Enable It

Not many know when to activate Airplane Mode or Flight Mode/Airplane Mode. The benefits of Airplane Mode are many and you don't just activate it while on an airplane.

Indeed Flight Mode or Airplane Mode is made specifically for use when boarding an airplane. By activating this mode all signals that can affect the performance of the aircraft system will not appear because the cellular and other networks will be disabled.

You don't get me wrong, operating a cellphone on an airplane is still allowed as long as you activate this one mode. So don't be surprised if people can record or take pictures on the plane.

In addition to many who don't know when to activate flight mode, it turns out that many are also doubtful and ask the dangers of activating flight mode, whether it exists and whether it can damage the device.

You don't have to worry, from the dangers or drawbacks of activating airplane mode in some conditions, it has its own benefits other than activating it when boarding an airplane. What conditions do you mean?

Conditions such as when it rains heavily and when the signal at your location is weak. So that you know besides the benefits or uses, I will also discuss when to activate Airplane Mode or Airplane Mode which you can follow.

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When to Enable Airplane Mode?

As the name suggests, you can activate this mode when you want to fly. So during the flight, you can still operate your cellphone or gadget, such as taking pictures, recording videos, and playing games that don't require an internet connection.

The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), which is the United States Federal Aviation Administration, said that activating Airplane Mode is quite safe and there is no need to turn off your device or cellphone. So passengers can use the device during take off and landing.

For the question of when to activate Airplane Mode, apart from when you want to travel using flight transportation, you can also activate this mode during heavy rain accompanied by lightning and when the cellular network around you is very weak.

Airplane Mode Functions and Benefits

Meanwhile, its function is when it rains heavily to prevent unwanted things from happening because the cellular network is a signal that can transmit electricity. Meanwhile, when the surrounding network is weak, it functions to save battery power on the device you have.

In addition, you can activate airplane mode when you want to save your device's battery while playing games. You can also activate this one mode to reset the IP address of your device.

Actually, there are so many uses and functions of flight mode and it is not only used when flying. You can also activate Airplane Mode when the cellular signal suddenly disappears and doesn't reappear.

In conclusion, the danger of activating Flight Mode, I don't think so, is that there are benefits that you will get. Like you will be safer when it rains heavily, can save battery, and can reset the IP address without rebooting the device.

Unfortunately not many people know about this and hopefully after this article many people will know. That the Flight Mode on mobile phones such as Android and iOS as well as those on Windows and MacOs can be used other than when in flight.

That's all I can discuss about the benefits of Airplane Mode and when to activate and use it. Your iPhone device suddenly has no service?

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