The 11 Best AI Writers & Content Generators Compared

We chose the top content generators in order to compare their output on the same topic and conducted a miniature Turing test. Can you identify the AI writer?

AI Content creation tools are becoming more accessible as a result of the development of GPT-3 (and its release via, which has made AI significantly more accessible.

To determine the quality of AI writers, we selected the top 10 content generators and compared their output on the same topic. While testing the AI content generators, we conducted our own mini-Turing Test. Through social media polls, we asked our audience if they could distinguish between machine- and human-generated content.

Are machines dominating the content creation industry? Read on to discover!

How GPT-3 Is Transforming Content Creation

GPT-3, the language prediction model, was released to the public through Open AI in May of 2020.

The output quality of GPT-3 was a significant improvement over GPT-2 in terms of asking a machine to compose coherent, intelligible text. The disadvantage of developing GPT-3 and vastly superior content creation tools: How do you keep up with a machine's output?

To prevent their search results from becoming flooded with low-quality content, Google has been examining solutions to the potential problems posed by the predicted explosion of AI content. They recently reaffirmed that AI-based content violates their guidelines and updated the documentation for their webmaster guidelines.

How can they distinguish between content created by a machine and content written poorly by humans? The advancement and development of AI writers and content tools are just beginning. The private investment in AI has more than doubled in the past year, reaching $93.5 billion by 2021.

This indicates that more machine learning tools are being developed and will be integrated into the marketing and SEO tools we use.

Recently, Meta announced a new research project on AI of the next generation. They intend to develop an artificial intelligence that processes data indistinguishably from humans. When this may become available is unknown. Putting aside the dominance of machines, we will compare a selection of the current best content creation tools in this article.

Consider how they can improve our work efficiency.

Will AI take over the industry of content creation? Let's examine the outcomes of our tool testing.

Comparing AI Content Creation Tools

All of the content generator tools we evaluated were fed the same subject matter to produce identical output lengths. We used the simple phrase "AI content creation" in an ironic meta-reference to ourselves. We compared the output quality of the tool with its ease of use. This output is displayed in each of the images below.

As part of the comparison, we also ran every piece of content through Copyscape to detect instances of duplication. Only one content generator was identified as having problems. When comparing the output of each tool, the stylistic differences were the most surprising.

When we ran the same key phrase through an AI tool, we expected more similar results, but it's clear that each content generator has its own variables for writing content. Similar to a variety of human authors.

1. Writesonic

  • Free versions all the way up to unlimited plans.
  • Paid version priced reasonably.
  • 24 languages.

Writesonic is based on GPT-3, and the company claims that the machine is trained on the content produced by the brands using the software.

The purpose of the generator is to facilitate the creation of marketing copy, blog articles, and product descriptions. In addition to providing content ideas and outlines, the generator offers a comprehensive set of templates for various types of content.

We found Writesonic to be very user-friendly, and it didn't take much effort to get a complete article out of the box.

The free plan is a trial of the basic tool, with the option to upgrade for access to all features.

2. Frase

  • Paid only.
  • Credits are expensive, but plans are inexpensive.

Frase is a content assistant aimed at content marketers and SEO specialists in order to increase their productivity. The structure of the tool is based on a content brief, content writing, content optimization, and content analytics framework. The tool excels at research and concise outlines, and the talking points tool is useful for article structure. In minutes, a content brief can be prepared.

For content writing, the generator does not produce a complete article out of the box; it requires additional work to produce results. However, the output of content is of high quality.

With a competent writer in charge, Frase is a useful tool for content marketers that can reduce the amount of time spent on writing.


  • Free plan and unlimited paid plan.
  • Paid plans are inexpensive.
  • 25 languages. is a low-cost and simple-to-use content generator intended as a remedy for writer's block. offers templates for various types of content, including blogs, advertisements, sales, websites, and social media. Additionally, the generator offers translation into 25 languages.

An unusual addition to their collection of tools is a baby name generator, but we were unable to obtain usable results. Although simple to use, it is a tool for anyone producing average-quality content in volume, but not for high-quality content production.

The free plan is a trial option prior to purchase.

4. AI Writer

  • Free trial and paid plans are available.
  • Identified during plagiarism checks.

AI Writer markets itself as SEO-friendly, producing fresh and relevant content that can cut your writing time in half.

Based on our evaluation, AI Writer is an easy-to-use tool that produces articles within minutes. However, it was the only tool we evaluated for which Copyscape detected plagiarism. The writer's articles lacked fluidity and cohesion, and resembled the work of an article spinner.

This tool's output did not appear to be of the same quality as the other content generators that were evaluated.

5. Hyperwrite

  • Free.
  • Google Chrome extension.

Hyperwrite asserts to use the most sophisticated AI generator. It is one of the most fundamental tools for creating content and the only one that is completely free to use.

Our evaluation revealed that the output was surprisingly cohesive and fluid. A useful feature of the tool is that it can rewrite sentences and expand paragraphs to quickly restructure and expand content where necessary.

In our social media Turing Test, the text output from Hyperwrite was the one that the majority of participants identified as being written by humans. It is also a free tool that offers some of the highest quality compared to the other tools, making it the ideal tool for testing the capability and limitations of AI content generation.

6. INK

  1. There are both free and paid plans.
  2. Google Chrome extension.

INK is an additional AI-powered content assistant aimed at content marketers and SEO specialists for faster output and optimized content. INK offers 60 advertising, growth, website, and writing-related templates, including YouTube, pain agitation, catchy subjects, and listicles.

There is an emphasis on SEO and ranking content with tools that support optimization and a tool scoring system to determine how well your article has been optimized. INK can be a useful tool for supporting output in the hands of a professional writer, but it cannot do the work for you. The output of the tool required some effort, which was sometimes dubious.

INK offers up to ten free articles per month, providing ample opportunity to try before you buy.

7. Rytr

  • Free plan with unlimited service.
  • Affordable price plans
  • 30 languages.

Rytr is a GPT-3-based, AI-powered content generation tool with an emphasis on generating content that converts.

The software includes over 30 marketing copy, blog, and product description templates. It also incorporates the AIDA and PAS formulas for optimal copywriting results. Within five minutes of utilizing the tool, we had a reasonably-quality article.

With a monthly limit of 5,000 characters, Rytr's free plan provides access to all of its features. If you wish to advance and make greater use of the tool, the paid plans begin at a low price.

8. Snazzy (Now Smart Copy By Unbounce)

  • The free version of a paid unlimited version.

Snazzy is a landing page generation tool powered by GPT-3 and the company's proprietary machine learning technology.

Unbounce acquired Snazzy, which was rebranded as Smart Copy and is now structured to complement and support Unbounce's landing page creation capabilities. Available tools include outlines, advertisement copy, product descriptions, and social media copy. However, the tool is intended to generate sales-driven persuasion copy. The outcomes of our 'AI content generation' test were somewhat unpredictable and incomprehensible enough for an article. However, we did not test landing page copy specifically.

Snazzy/Smart Copy offers a free plan with up to five credits per day so that you can determine if the service is effective.

9. Long Shot

  • Up to an unlimited free version.
  • Eight Languages.

Long shot markets itself as an AI-powered long-form content assistant that generates SEO-friendly content by combining GPT-3 and custom AI models.

It has over 30 tools for keyword research, rephrasing, and fact-checking, and you can write in eight different languages. Based on our evaluation, Long Shot is an easy-to-use tool for producing content of acceptable quality. This was the only content generator that included brand names, such as Google's RankBrain and Buzzsumo, when comparing all the content output from the various tools we evaluated. This detail enhanced the credibility of the content output as human-written.

Long Shot provides a free plan with up to 10 daily credits.

10. Jasper

  • only paid plans are available.
  • 25 languages.

Jasper (previously Jarvis) asserts that it will assist you in writing more quickly, overcoming writer's block, and ranking higher with SEO-optimized content. In addition, they claim to have consulted with SEO and direct marketing professionals to perfect the way the AI generator writes content.

Jasper offers more than 50 content production templates, including AIDA, PAS, blogs, social media, and marketing. From our experience, Jasper is an additional writing support tool and not one that automatically composes complete articles. With direction, the tool generates high-quality content. The tool is simple to use and of high quality; however, the generated content is limited to short articles.

Jasper does not offer any free plans, but it does offer a five-day free trial.

Be aware that you must provide a credit card number and will be charged if you forget to cancel. The packages are not inexpensive, so you would have to utilize the entire five-day trial to determine if they are worth the investment.

11. Writerly

Writerly is an AI-powered content generation platform that enables businesses to generate organic, SEO-optimized content. With this platform, businesses can increase their conversion rates and automate their processes. Writerly ensures that a company's ideas are automatically transformed into high-converting content, which increases traffic, SEO rankings, and conversions. 

Writerly allows users to save time and money while maintaining complete control over their copywriting. 

In addition, Writerly has the most accurate and well-reviewed outputs, as well as the most comprehensive and extensive feature set. By providing a few details, this platform generates content specific to a user's topic or niche. 

The AI can write on a variety of subjects, including Facebook Ads, Blog Posts, Real Estate Listings, and Instagram Captions. Writerly allows users to translate between 25 languages seamlessly. Its writing abilities encompass product descriptions, blog posts, Facebook advertisements, YouTube content, and much more. 

In addition, the platform's algorithm provides content that is 100 percent original and free of plagiarism. Additionally, its algorithm learns about the brand and generates content in that style.

How AI Can Be Employed In Content Marketing

GPT-3 is the subject of extensive experimentation, and numerous entertaining tools are being produced. However, look beyond these novelty applications to determine where they can have a significant impact.

Twitter feeds can be automatically generated, but social media is about interaction and engagement. Yes, you can write an article, but is it worthy of representing your name or brand?

Regarding AI content generation, it must be remembered that a tool is only as effective as its operator. They are excellent for increasing productivity and accelerating content creation. To achieve results that are worthy of use, however, you must have a subject-savvy writer at the helm.

A content marketer can utilize AI as an efficiency tool to make repetitive tasks simpler and increase output speed.

In this manner, AI will become increasingly integrated into marketing.

Where AI Content Is Effective

  • For product descriptions at scale.
  • For meta descriptions at scale.
  • Transmission of sports results
  • To increase a writer's output.

Where AI-Generated Content Fails

  • Producing content that is well-researched.
  • Creating data-driven content.
  • Having novel and novel ideas.
  • Cognitive leadership.

Will AI Replace Humans in Content Creation?

Although it is now nearly impossible to distinguish between machine-generated and human-generated content, the quality of this content will not win any journalistic awards.

A device cannot compensate for a lack of knowledge or skill. It can only strengthen it. The machine generates content output based on what is input; therefore, it does not generate new ideas; it only regurgitates.

It is ideal for certain tasks, but not for well-researched, high-level content or thought leadership. And this is where the value of good researchers and writers will increase. With AI, there is no doubt that content creation will accelerate.

You can also rest assured that high-quality journalistic content with original data, well-reasoned opinions, and insightful observations will become the only means of gaining visibility and retaining an audience.

Who is the victor in this game?

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