The new Volvo EX90 teaser tells more about the design

The all-electric and luxurious Volvo EX90 SUV will be announced next Wednesday, November 9, and the company's teaser campaign is going full throttle. Volvo announced that the car will use sustainable materials and recently, the company showcased the state-of-the-art infotainment system that will be included with the EX90.

Today's teaser is all about design. The Swedish automaker shared several images hinting at a familiar design with some notable changes. For example, the front is more rounded, the handle is flush with the door and the rims have a closed design. All of these changes should reduce overall drag and increase vehicle efficiency.

One of the photos shows the LiDAR system on the roof, which should be enough to provide an indiscriminate driving experience on certain highways once Ride Pilot is activated. It's important to note, Volvo says the Ride Pilot self-driving system will be released at a later date and won't be available at launch. However, the good news is that the Ride Pilot feature is available by default with all EX90 trims.

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