Solihull incident - latest: Boy 'died trying to save friend stuck in ice'

A friend of one of the boys who died after falling through the icy lake in Solihull said the group fell into the water after trying to save their trapped friend.

Three boys aged 11, 10 and eight died after falling into Babbs Mill Lake on Sunday afternoon. A six-year-old boy also remains in critical condition, while officials are playing down fears that someone else may be trapped in the lake after nearly 24 years. hours passed without anyone else being reported missing.

Tommy Barnet, 10, told Sky News he heard details of the tragic incident. He said: “They were all playing on the ice, one foot caught in the ice and then… his friends went to save him but they all fell.

When the boys were finally helped out of the lake by water rescue-trained firefighters, they were found in cardiac arrest and sent to a Birmingham hospital, where they all arrived in critical condition.

Locals hold events for boys on Monday nights near the lake.

  • Three boys died after falling into an icy lake
  • Six year fight for life in the hospital
  • The boy died trying to save a friend, local residents said
  • Victim's family left 'totally devastated'
  • Police are continuing to search the lake amid fears of missing people

The Solihull incident is a 'tragic reminder' of the dangers of open water

West Midlands Fire Service area commander Richard Stanton said the deaths of the three boys were a tragic reminder of the dangers of open water.

"Yesterday's incident was a stark reminder to all of us of the dangers of open water, especially during the winter months," Mr Stanton said Monday.

“Frozen lakes, ponds, canals and reservoirs can look beautiful, but they can be deadly and there is no greater reminder of yesterday's tragic events.

“We will ask parents and guardians to remind their children about the dangers of ice and why they should avoid it. Please help us to avoid this from happening again.” Victim's family leaves 'absolutely devastated'

Families affected by the tragedy are "absolutely devastated", said Superintendent Richard Harris, of West Midlands Police when he shared the news that three of the four children pulled from the freezing water had died.

The fourth son, aged six, is still in critical condition in hospital.

"Also this time of year, leading up to Christmas, being so close to the event itself, also adds to the tragedy," Harris told reporters.

The whole community feels the pain,' said the MP while praising the rescue efforts

Meriden MP Saqib Bhatti visited the scene on Monday along with Solihull Council leader Ian Courts and deputy chairman Karen Grinsell, with each praising emergency services for their heroic efforts to pull the children from the water.

The MP told reporters: “Obviously one officer has mild hypothermia. In these conditions not worrying about your own safety and just chasing after the children would be heroic.

“The (search) operation went on all night in these very difficult conditions.

"The whole community will feel the pain." This article was written by EDUKASI CAMPUS.  

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