Mother, this is the right way to teach children to bathe

“Bathing is a routine activity that mothers need to teach their children because it is important to maintain their health. For that, mothers need to know how to teach children to bathe properly through fun steps."

Bathing is a routine activity that is important for the health and hygiene of children. Apart from that, bathing can also be a fun and useful moment to build a relationship between parents and children.

However, teaching children proper bathing can be a challenging task. Therefore, mothers need to know some tips and steps to teach children to bathe properly in an easy and fun way.

How to Teach Children to Bathe

So that later children can be independent properly and without the help of their parents, here are ways you can do when your child learns to bathe:

1. Establish a consistent shower routine

Children tend to respond well to consistent routines. Make a regular shower schedule, for example every day before going to bed or after playing outside.

With a consistent routine, children will get used to it and it will be easier to teach them how to bathe properly

2. Introduce the proper way of bathing

When teaching children to bathe, introduce the steps gradually. Begin by explaining the purpose of bathing, which is to cleanse the body and maintain cleanliness.

Teach children how to use soap, shampoo and toothbrush properly. Also explain how important it is to wash your hands before and after bathing.

3. Teach the steps gradually

You need to get used to your child taking a bath slowly. Start by introducing your child to water and gradually bathing.

Mothers can start by taking the child to the bathroom and introducing the child to their surroundings. Let them touch the water and feel the wet sensation on their skin. If they are uncomfortable with the water at first, give it time to slowly get used to it.

4. Give an example first

As a parent, setting a good example and guidance is important when teaching your child to bathe. Mothers can demonstrate how to wash themselves, use soap, and also rinse their bodies so that children can see and imitate what mothers do. When kids do it themselves, make sure they do it right.

5. Let the child try himself

Growing self-confidence is also good for teaching children in the long term. After some time learning to bathe properly, let the children take over the responsibility of bathing themselves.

Give them the opportunity to bathe themselves, of course, with mom or dad's supervision. If they make a mistake or don't do it right, give guidance patiently.6. Make the activity fun

So that children feel enthusiastic about bathing, mothers can make bathing activities fun. The way mothers can do this is to provide interesting toys for children to play with while bathing, such as rubber ducks or colorful containers.

In addition, singing or playing roles while bathing can also make children more involved and happy in the process.

7. Provide special toiletries for children

When the child is used to bathing alone, the mother can also prepare toiletries according to the child's taste. This means giving special towels with motifs that children like, buying children's favorite soap, and also inviting children to choose their own toiletries.

Also put the equipment in a place that is easy for children to reach. The goal is for him to become more independent and accustomed to these activities.

Those are ways to teach children to bathe properly.

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