Mucus and Blood Out in Miss V, Signs of Childbirth?

"Mucus and blood coming out through Miss V at 38 weeks of gestation can be a sign that a mother is experiencing signs of giving birth. It's best to immediately prepare your body in good condition so that labor can go well."

In women who are pregnant, time will continue until it's time to give birth. When that happens, the gestational age is approaching 9 months. It is important to prepare yourself and all the equipment needed so that you can immediately take it to the place of delivery. However, the time of pregnancy for each pregnant woman can vary.

Therefore, it is important to know the signs if the mother is going to give birth. One of the signs of giving birth that many people believe is the discharge of mucus and blood through the vagina. The question is, is it true that this will be one of the signs that you will give birth? Here is the full discussion!

Signs of giving birth in the form of a vaginal discharge of blood and mucus

When the womb has reached 38 weeks, it is important to know the signs of giving birth. Mothers may feel a feeling of heartburn, which at first feels mild until it gets stronger day by day. One that can also occur as a sign of childbirth is the vagina which can secrete blood and mucus, sometimes together.

This can occur in the form of thick vaginal discharge when mucus and blood are simultaneously coming out of the cervix. If this happens, the mother's body is ready to experience labor. Leucorrhoea itself is a common symptom throughout pregnancy. This is caused by the rise and fall of female hormone levels so that this happens.

The body will experience vaginal discharge when the cervix in the body undergoes significant changes when pregnancy enters the third trimester and can be a sign of childbirth. As the moment to give birth draws near, there are two main changes that can occur, namely:

  • Thinning that occurs when the lining of the cervix or vagina becomes softer and thinner.
  • Dilation also occurs when the cervix is dilated.

The cervix is also full of blood vessels, which makes it more prone to bleeding. When the blood from the cervix, it will come out of the body mixed with mucus as one of the signs of childbirth. This can also be a sign that the cervix is dilated.

The Benefits of Mucus Blockage in Pregnancy

Blood discharge along with mucus as a sign of childbirth can also be a reference if the mucus plug in the body has loosened or been released. During pregnancy, the cervix will be covered with thick mucus which is useful for protecting the baby by forming a blockage. This is useful for preventing bacteria or other sources of infection from passing through the cervical barrier.

As labor approaches, the cervix will begin to open more, making way for the baby to pass through. When the cervix is open, the mucus plug will be released by itself. When the blockage opens wide, the discharge from the mucus that comes out of the body will also be more and can be a sign of childbirth.

Indeed, loss of the mucus plug that leaves the body along with blood can occur right before labor occurs. Even so, every woman can experience it differently even one week before delivery. These signs must be paid close attention to, if the mucus mixed with blood is increasing and the heartburn is getting stronger, then immediately go to the place of delivery.

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