2022 Honda Civic Si Debuts On Oct

  • Honda teased the 2022 Civic Si and revealed the reveal date: October 19.
  • The orange sedan should have more power and a stiffer suspension than the standard Civic.
  • Honda has confirmed a manual transmission.

Honda has released another teaser for the upcoming Civic Si ahead of its official unveiling on October 19. The latest photo shows the Civic Si sedan's rear end in bright orange. Its rear decklid spoiler isn't as big as the race car's giant wing, but it looks more aggressive.

We expect the Civic Si to be more powerful than the standard 1.5-liter inline-four with 180 hp. So we'd expect similar specs for the new Si, which has 205 hp and a six-speed manual transmission. The suspension and brakes will be upgraded for better handling and response.

We'll know more tomorrow, but we know the Si will only be a sedan. The Civic coupe was dropped for this generation, and the Civic Type R will be the performance hatchback.

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