Myths About Intimate Relationships That Teenagers Need To Know

Adolescence is a moment when someone wants to learn about everything. Apart from general knowledge, not a few teenagers are curious about things that smell like sex. However, the problem that arises related to knowledge of sex in adolescents is that there are many myths that are believed, so that they carry over into adulthood.

The myths that are accepted by these teenagers will generally be absorbed immediately without confirming them again to people who know better. In this case, the role of parents is very important, but the child will most likely feel embarrassed to ask about it. Therefore, mothers must know some of the myths about sex that are often considered facts by teenagers. Sex Myths that Teenagers Believe

Information that spreads easily because of the sophistication of this technology makes it difficult for many people to filter incoming news, especially teenagers. There is a lot of misinformation regarding sex, sexual health, and sexually transmitted infections. Therefore, sex education from an early age must be carried out as a provision for children.

It is hoped that by knowing some of the myths that are often considered facts by teenagers, mothers can explain more wisely about sexual knowledge. Here are some myths about sex that are often believed by teenagers:

Having sex once does not cause pregnancy

Fact: Even if it's the first time a woman has had sexual intercourse, there are still risks to experiencing pregnancy and are real. Pregnancy is not related to how often someone has sex, but about meeting sperm cells with egg cells that result in fertilization.

Jumping after Intercourse Prevents Pregnancy

Fact: When sperm has entered through Miss V, the male's fluid will look for a mature egg cell and ready to be fertilized. Sperm that has entered it will be difficult to remove, so the potential for pregnancy still exists. Sperm can survive in the female reproductive organs for 5 days, so even before the fertile period occurs it can still cause pregnancy.

Eating Pineapple Is A Safe Abortion Way

Fact: Pineapple is considered safe to eat as long as you don't overdo it, as it can cause digestive problems and nausea. If someone wants to make "disorder" in the womb, at least need 10 whole pineapples in one meal.Virgins are judged by whether or not blood comes out during intercourse for the first time

Fact: The hymen is a thin piece of skin in the vagina and can be stretched and torn by many things, not just intercourse. Therefore, no bleeding during intercourse for the first time, it is not certain that the person has done it before. Women who have a fairly elastic hymen also don't bleed during intercourse even though they are still virgins.

Prevent STIs by Applying Odol and Washing the Genitals

Fact: Toothpaste doesn't kill the germs that cause sexually transmitted infections. Washing the genitals with soap, urinating after intercourse, and spraying special liquids into the vagina (douching) also cannot prevent someone from getting STIs. In fact, douching can increase the risk of contracting this venereal disease.

Removing Mr P before Ejaculation Does Not Cause Pregnancy

Fact: Someone who does the technique of interrupting intercourse or pulling out Mr. P before ejaculation occurs, it turns out that it can still cause pregnancy. Indeed, it is unlikely that sperm will come out of Mr P before ejaculation occurs. However, it is not impossible that some fluids containing sperm can come out unnoticed. So, it can cause pregnancy in women.

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