will be delivered to the first customers at the Lucid Rally on October 30

  • Lucid Motors has announced that it will host a Dream Delivery event on October 30 where the first customers who have reserved Lucid Air Dream Edition electric vehicles will be able to pick up their vehicles.
  • However, Lucid would not disclose the exact location of the event, which is expected to take place at the company's headquarters in Newark, California, which is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. A "Lucid Rally" will be held as part of the event, which will include company executives as well as customers and will be used to demonstrate the car's performance, according to Lucid.
  • The first 520 Dream Edition vehicles will be delivered to customers, with prices starting at $169,000 and going up from there. The Air Grand Touring cars will be the next to be released. Orders for the Touring and Pure models, which are slightly more affordable, will not be delivered to customers until 2022.

Lucid Motors, a company with roots in Silicon Valley, doesn't let its factory's remote location in the Phoenix suburb of Casa Grande, Arizona, deter it from achieving product positioning that is worthy of being featured on social media platforms. Starting in September, the startup EV manufacturer celebrated the start of production at the plant, and on Saturday, October 30, it will bring together a group of customers in California to pick up their Dream Edition EVs, which are the launch version of the luxury Air sedan that was unveiled earlier this year. Customers participate in a Lucid Rally as part of the "Dream Delivery" event, after which they are given the opportunity to drive their new vehicles home. Executives from Lucid will also be present, but in separate cars. According to a Lucid spokesperson, the route "includes some of the best driving roads in the Bay Area, and we expect customers to be on the road for approximately two hours." However, a spokesperson would only confirm that "it will be in Northern California," without providing any further details.

Lucid shared this photo of several Air cars sedans being loaded onto a transporter earlier this week via Twitter.

The first Lucid owners will be those who placed reservations for the Dream Edition, which will be available in either Range or Performance configurations and will start at $169,000. Both vehicles are all-wheel-drive vehicles with dual motors and a battery pack with a capacity of 118.0 kWh. The cars are expected to reach a top speed of 168 miles per hour. Range on the 1111-hp Performance model is 451 miles with 21-inch wheels and 471 miles with 19-inch wheels, according to the manufacturer. In keeping with its name, the 933-hp Range version offers a greater number of miles between charges: 481 or 520 miles, depending on the wheel option.

Additionally, a $139,000 Grand Touring version of the Lucid Air is available for reservation holders, and it will begin shipping to them after the 520 buyers of the $169,000 Dream Edition receive their vehicles. The Pure and Touring trims, which start at $77,400 and $95,000, respectively, will be available to customers in 2022, according to Lucid, while the Gravity SUV will not be available until 2023. According to a Lucid spokesperson, buyers will be able to choose between picking up their vehicle at a Lucid studio location near them or having it delivered to them.

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