BMW i7's 2023 Facelift Will Include a Massive Grille and a Movie -Screen for the theater

BMW anticipates that the electric version of the new 7-series, which will debut in April, will have a 305-mile EPA range.

The electric version of the BMW 7-series is nearly here, and BMW has released some teaser images that reveal a good deal of the 2023 i7's design ahead of its April debut. The most distinctive styling feature is the large kidney grille up front, which appears to be influenced by both the 4-series and iX's contentious noses. Additionally, we now know more about the i7's estimated driving range, futuristic interior screens, and headlights as a result of these images. As with the visually identical i4 and 4-series, we anticipate that the gas-powered versions of the new 7-series will share many of the i7's elements. It's expected to debut alongside the EV version, and both will go on sale later this year in the United States.

BMW estimates that the i7 will have a range of 305 miles on the EPA cycle used in the United States. That puts it slightly behind Mercedes-EQS, Benz's which claims 350 miles in base EQS450 trim and 340 miles in more powerful EQS580 trim.

These slim LED headlights, which are similar to those found on the BMW iX electric SUV, appear to be part of BMW's new styling direction. Additionally, we've seen spy photos indicating that similar lighting elements will make their way onto other BMW models, including the upcoming facelifted X7.

BMW first demonstrated this movie-theater-style rear passenger screen at CES earlier this year, and it appears that the i7 will be the first production vehicle to feature it. It's a massive 31.0-inch high-definition display that drops from the roof between the front and rear seats.

BMW has hinted at the addition of several new displays to the i7's interior. This is most likely the "Interaction Bar," as the company refers to it, which appears to be a screen on the door panel with various displays and control functions. Additionally, there will be a curved instrument cluster display and an infotainment screen running BMW's latest iDrive software.

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