No Phone Update (1) brings maximum brightness boost, 5G support on Jio

No one has taken the time to bring Android 13 to their Phone (1), but the company can't be accused of not putting out a lot of minor updates to the device for a while. Today the latest one came out, and it was labeled No OS 1.1.6.

This brings with it support for Google AR Core, as well as 5G on Jio in India. For the camera, the update promises sharper videos with improved stability, and a default always-on recording light indicator. The Launcher experience will feel smoother, the battery status displayed is more accurate, and the NFC sound effect has been updated.

The maximum brightness when displaying HDR content has been increased, but it's not clear to what level. Back in August there was some controversy over the panel's maximum brightness, which was advertised as 1,200 nits but never peaked at that.

Nobody later clarified that the hardware was capable of that, but in the service "a balanced user experience regarding heat and battery consumption" it was capped in software at 700 nits. It looks like this limit has been removed entirely with the latest update, or at least slightly raised.

Finally, there are some Glyph-related improvements packed in: an updated, "more reactive" Flip to Glyph animation, as well as a Glyph fill light that's now "synchronized to sound effects". Naturally, an unnamed "general bugfix" was also mentioned.

Updates may be gradual as usual, meaning it may take a few days to spread to all units in the wild. It's a 62MB download when you get it.

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