Volvo shows off the EX90 infotainment system

The Volvo EX90 infotainment system is all about providing "the right information at the right time", the latest teaser by the company reveals. The EX90 is the successor to the fully electric XC90 and the new software is one of the car's main selling points.

Volvo says that the information displayed on the infotainment screen and instrument cluster will adapt to what you are currently doing. You can talk on the phone, drive on the highway or park backwards and the system will give you the most appropriate info.

There will be a contextual bar all the time with suggested actions, again depending on your scenario.

Volvo is known for its safety focus and this is no exception. Volvo believes that the fewer distractions, the better. The system takes care of that by only providing you with essential information while driving.

The company is also bringing in what it calls the Ride Pilot system, which allows for an invisible self-driving feature. However, it will not be available at launch and will offer full autonomy only on certain highways for now. The first market to have a Ride Pilot was California.

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