Groin Chafing, Here's an Easy Way to Overcome It

"Try using powder and don't scratch it, OK?" You must have heard that advice when you have a chafed groin. Apart from these two methods, chafed groin can also be treated in several other ways, you know. Come on, see the full description in this article.

Groin chafing can occur when the two sides of the inner thigh rub against each other or it can also be the result of skin friction with underwear that is too tight. This condition can be experienced by everyone, but it is more at risk for people who are overweight and people who actively exercise.

This condition can actually heal itself. However, the feeling of pain, heat, and even itching can make you uncomfortable and want to get over it quickly.

Causes of Crotch Blisters

There are various conditions that can cause groin chafing, namely:

  • Moist crotch situations due to sports or activities that make you sweat
  • The use of tight underwear or clothing so that it does not provide sufficient distance or gaps on both sides of the thighs
  • Fungal infections, for example candidiasis or ringworm in the groin area

Groin blisters are usually marked by the appearance of redness, soreness, and blisters on the skin. When it has healed, chafed groin can leave scars that are black and can interfere with appearance.

How to Overcome Crotch Blisters

Although not a dangerous condition, chafed groin must be overcome. Scratches that are constantly scratched can create wounds and can eventually increase the risk of infection. Here are some ways to deal with chafed groin that you can try:

1. Apply petroleum jelly

Using petroleum jelly is an easy way you can do to speed up the healing of chafed groin and reduce friction on the skin. You just need to apply a little petroleum jelly to the chafed groin area as often as possible.

2. Apply lip balm

If you don't have petroleum jelly, you can also use lip balm to treat chafed groin. The way to use it is the same, you only need to apply lip balm to the chafed groin area as often as you need.

3. Wearing thigh bands

Thigh bands are accessories that are worn on the thighs to prevent chafing or to protect the skin that has been chafed so that it doesn't get worse, especially when you wear short clothes that allow your thighs to come into direct contact. Thigh bands are usually in the form of elastic bands that are used around the thighs.

4. Apply cream to abrasions

To deal with chafed groin, you can also use a special cream for abrasions that you can buy without a doctor's prescription. Creams for abrasions are formulated with lubricants that are able to prevent the skin from sticking together, so that the condition of the groin for abrasions does not get worse.

5. Avoid triggers

If chafed groin is triggered by the habit of wearing tight clothes or leaving groin conditions damp with sweat, the way to treat and prevent chafed groin is to avoid triggers.

So, you should wear comfortable clothes, made from materials that absorb sweat, and as much as possible change your underwear or take a shower immediately after doing activities that make you sweat.

If your condition does not improve after applying the methods above, you should consult a doctor to get the right treatment, especially if signs of infection appear, such as swollen skin, pus, or excessive pain.

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