No need to panic, here are 8 ways to calm a crying baby

Hearing a baby cry can make parents confused, worried, or even panic. To fix this, there is an effective way to calm a crying baby and you can try it.

Crying is a way for babies to communicate when they feel uncomfortable or when they need something. Therefore, crying babies can be caused by various things.

Some Reasons Babies Cry

It is important for Mother to first recognize what makes the Little One cry, so that it is easier to handle it. The following are some of the reasons babies cry:

  • Starving
  • The diaper is full or wet
  • Fatigue
  • Want to be hugged
  • His body is cold or hot
  • Colic

In addition, babies who have hiccups can also become more fussy. The frequency of crying babies will peak in the first 7 weeks after birth. However, the baby's crying will gradually decrease over time.

Various Ways to Soothe Babies

When your little one keeps crying and fussing, you don't need to panic. There are several ways to calm a baby that can be done, including:

1. Covering the baby with a cloth

Covering the baby's body with cloth or also known as swaddle, is an effective way to calm the baby. This method is believed to have an effect as if the baby was in its mother's womb.

Not only that, the swaddle method can also make babies sleep more soundly, because it can suppress the startle reflex that babies often experience while sleeping.

2. Holding the baby in a prone position

In the womb, babies spend most of their time curled up. Therefore, holding the baby on the shoulder in a prone position can make him feel more comfortable.

However, holding the baby and positioning his body in that position should only be done when your little one is constantly crying. When he is in a calm condition, always position his body in a supine position.

3. Play a relaxing sound

Soothing sounds, such as the sound of dripping or running water, can also calm babies down. Mother can use a cellphone or video from the internet to play it.

4. Swinging or wiggling the baby's body

Rocking the baby's body with constant movement will make the baby feel calmer. You can also sway and move your body slowly while talking to him to give your little one a sense of calm.

5. Massage and rub the baby's body gently

Rubbing on the back and gentle massage can stimulate the baby's brain and nerves, so he feels more comfortable and calm. Baby massage is also good for reducing the pain he feels. Massage your little one gently and not too hard.

Mothers can also use telon oil which is safe for baby's skin, if they are over 1 month old. The content of eucalyptus oil in telon oil can give a warm sensation, so that your little one becomes calmer.

6. Sing a song

When your little one is fussy, you can sing a song or play music with a slow tempo and a soft voice. Several studies have shown that soft music can make babies calmer and sleep better.

7. Bathing the baby with warm water

Warm water can have a calming effect and can be a solution for crying babies. Therefore, you can bathe or wipe your little one using a soft towel soaked in warm water to soothe him.

8. Give the baby a pacifier

Sucking on a pacifier or finger is indeed a good relaxation method for babies. However, make sure this is the last step you did, if the steps above don't work.

Giving a pacifier can indeed solve the problem, but there are also risks that can be caused, for example your little one becomes dependent on pacifiers or the emergence of problems in the mouth and teeth due to pacifiers that are not cleaned or replaced regularly.

Apart from that, you can also try hugging your little one using the kangaroo method to calm him down when he is fussy and crying.

However, one thing you need to remember, try to stay calm and not panic when trying to calm your crying little one. Because when parents panic or stress, babies can feel tense and fuss more easily or even cry louder.

If your little one is still crying even though you have tried various ways to calm your crying baby as described above, you should have him checked by a doctor, because that could indicate that your little one is experiencing health problems.

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