5 Types of Foods that Cause Ovarian Cysts You Need to Know

A number of foods that cause ovarian cysts, such as sweet and high-fat foods, need to be limited. Not only disrupting the overall health of the body, this type of food also affects the reproductive function of women.

Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled sacs that appear on the ovaries or ovaries. This condition is more experienced by adolescents and women in their productive age. As scary as it sounds, ovarian cysts are not malignant or cancerous.

The causes of ovarian cysts also vary, but the most common are changes in hormone levels. The rise and fall of the number of hormones in the body is influenced by many things, including the type of food consumed.

Therefore, to prevent ovarian cysts, you need to reduce or even avoid the types of foods that cause ovarian cysts.

Various Types of Food Cause Ovarian Cysts

Some foods can interfere with hormone levels and ovarian function, thereby increasing the risk of developing ovarian cysts. The following are various types of foods that cause ovarian cysts:

1. Simple carbohydrates

Simple carbohydrates are very easily absorbed by the body and can increase blood sugar levels, so the body produces more insulin hormone to regulate blood sugar.

If the consumption of simple carbohydrates is too much and often, the hormone insulin is produced a lot and gradually its function decreases, even though insulin also plays a role in controlling the work of the ovaries to produce reproductive hormones.

Changes in reproductive hormone levels are what eventually cause ovarian cysts. Therefore, limit consumption of simple carbohydrates, such as white rice, white bread, candy, and pastries.

2. Sweet food

Other foods that cause ovarian cysts are foods that are too sweet or contain lots of sweeteners, such as candy, chocolate and candied fruit.

All of these sweeteners are included in simple carbohydrates. So, a lot of consumption of sweet foods can also cause ovarian cysts. Therefore, avoid consuming too much sweetened food, OK?

3. Fatty foods

People who consume too much fatty food can experience weight gain, even obesity. In fact, obesity is associated with the appearance of ovarian cysts.

To prevent ovarian cysts, start limiting your intake of fatty foods, such as chicken skin, organ meats, potato chips, butter and cheese.

4. Fried foods

Also limit consumption of fried foods. Foods processed in this way are high in fat, so their intake needs to be limited to prevent various diseases, including ovarian cysts. Some examples of fried foods, such as fried foods and french fries.

5. Fast food

Another type of food that is also classified as food that causes ovarian cysts is fast food. This is because fast food contains high sugar and fat which can also interfere with ovarian function and increase the risk of ovarian cysts.

Actually, there is no type of food that directly causes ovarian cysts. However, a lot or frequent consumption of certain types of food can indeed be bad for health in general, and even increase the risk of developing ovarian cysts.

Apart from avoiding consuming foods that cause ovarian cysts, you are also advised to lead a healthy lifestyle, such as eating nutritious food and exercising regularly so that hormone levels remain stable and ovarian function remains good.

Cysts on the ovaries generally rarely cause complaints, unless they are large and press on the surrounding tissue. Sufferers may complain of pain in the lower abdomen and pelvis and experience menstrual disorders.

Immediately consult a doctor if you often experience these symptoms. The goal is that the cause of the complaint is known and treated appropriately.

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