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"Thrush generally occurs briefly and can even disappear without treatment. If the cause cannot be identified, the focus of treatment shifts to relieving the symptoms and giving some canker sores."

Thrush or in medical terms it is called stomatitis is a common condition for the mouth which is inflamed and sore. Canker sores can interfere with a person's ability to eat, talk, and sleep.

Stomatitis can occur anywhere in the mouth, including the inside of the cheeks, gums, tongue, lips, and roof of the mouth. But don't worry, because there are natural ways to treat canker sores that you can do at home.

What Are the Natural Treatments for Thrush?

Canker sores generally don't last more than two weeks, even without treatment. If the condition lasts long enough and the cause can be identified, the doctor will treat it. If a cause cannot be identified, the focus of treatment shifts to relieving symptoms.

So, the following strategies help relieve pain and canker sores without causing pain and discomfort:

Avoid hot drinks and food as well as salty, spicy and sour foods;

  • Gargle with cold water or suck on ice if your mouth feels like it's on fire.
  • Drink more water;
  • Rinse with salt water;

Use magnesium hydroxide. How to apply this liquid material to canker sores several times a day. This magnesium hydroxide is found in liquid mag drugs.

How to treat canker sores with natural ingredients can also be through food. Increase your intake of vegetables and fruits which are rich in vitamins C, B, folate and iron. If deemed necessary, you can take supplements that contain these vitamins. Vitamin B complex and C can accelerate the healing of canker sores.

So, what can cause canker sores to appear?

Launching from the Cleveland Clinic, the exact cause of most canker sores is unknown. Stress or minor injury to the inside of the mouth is considered a cause of canker sores. Certain foods, including citrus or acidic fruits and vegetables (such as lemons, oranges, pineapple, apples, figs, tomatoes, strawberries) can also trigger canker sores or make the problem worse.

Use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen, is another common cause. Sometimes sharp tooth surfaces or dental devices, such as braces or dentures that don't fit properly, can also trigger sores and cause canker sores to appear.

Some cases of complex canker sores are seen in those with diseases of the immune system. These diseases include lupus, Behcet's disease, inflammatory bowel disease (including Celiac disease, ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease) and AIDS. Canker sores are also seen in people who have nutritional problems, such as deficiencies in vitamin B-12, zinc, folic acid or iron.

What are the most effective steps to prevent canker sores?

There are basic precautions people take to try and stop stomatitis from coming back, namely:

Use an antiseptic and non-alcoholic mouthwash;

Treat dry mouth by maintaining proper nutrition and hydration;

Choose a soft toothbrush;

Perform routine dental and oral care.

Certain nutritional supplements such as B vitamins (folate, B-6, B-12) can also help prevent thrush from coming. Foods high in this vitamin are recommended to be eaten more often. Some foods that are high in B vitamins include:

  • Broccoli;
  • bell peppers;
  • Spinach;
  • beets;
  • Nuts;
  • Asparagus.

Another way to avoid canker sores is to not talk while eating, as this increases the chances of you biting the inside of your mouth. Meanwhile, if stress is the trigger, relaxation exercises can help.

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