Get to know Paxlovid, a new Corona drug that is considered more effective

“Paxlovid is a corona drug that is claimed to be more effective. The way it works is by inhibiting the activity of enzymes that support the replication of the corona virus.”

Paxlovid is one of the drugs to treat the corona virus. Merck pharmaceutical company from the United States is the developer of this drug. Paxlovid itself contains two active ingredients, namely nirmatrelvir and ritonavir.

Well, this drug is believed to be more effective in treating COVID-19 than others. For more info, see the following explanation!

Get to know Paxlovid, which is considered more effective as Corona

Paxlovid contains two active ingredients, namely nirmatrelvir and ritonavir. Nirmatrelvir is a protease inhibitor that works to inhibit the activity of the protease enzyme that the corona virus needs for its replication.

At the same time, ritonavir is used to increase the body's levels of nirmatrelvir by slowing its breakdown. The combination of these two ingredients aims to stop the development of the corona virus in the body and reduce the risk of disease severity.

Paxlovid has gained recognition as a more effective drug in treating COVID-19. Based on preliminary data from clinical trials, this drug may reduce the risk of severe disease progression or death in patients infected with COVID-19. Apart from that, this corona drug can also reduce the risk of transmitting the corona virus to others. Can Paxlovid Cause Side Effects?

As with other medicines, of course there are potential side effects from this drug. However, the effects are generally mild and can subside after the patient adapts to this drug.

Following are the side effects of using paxlovid:

1. Indigestion

Some patients using this medication report digestive disturbances such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or abdominal pain. These side effects generally range from mild to moderate.

In addition, you can also overcome these effects by drinking it with food or other doctor's recommendations.

2. Allergic reactions

Although it's rare, some people can experience an allergic reaction to this corona drug. Symptoms that may appear include skin rash, hives, swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or difficulty breathing.

If you experience these signs after taking it, stop using it immediately and contact medical personnel.

3. Drug interactions

Paxlovid contains ritonavir, which can interact with other medicines the patient is taking. That's why it's important to tell your doctor about all medications, supplements or herbs you're currently taking.

4. Other side effects

Apart from these side effects, there are other possible side effects that not many people know about. Any unusual or worrying side effects should be reported to your doctor or medical professional immediately.

Safe Tips for Consuming Paxlovid

Here are some tips for taking paxlovid safely when you have COVID-19:

1. Follow the doctor's instructions

It is important to follow the instructions for using the drug carefully from the doctor. Make sure to take it according to the dosage that the doctor has determined. Do not change the dosage or schedule of use without your doctor's approval.

2. Do not combine with other drugs without a doctor's approval

This medication may interact with other medications, including supplements and herbs. Before taking additional medicines while using this corona medicine, consult your doctor to prevent drug interactions.

3. Report side effects

If you experience side effects after taking this drug, report it to your doctor immediately. Unusual or worrying side effects must be treated as soon as possible so they don't end up being fatal.

4. Store Paxlovid properly

Be sure to store this medication according to the instructions on the package. Store medication at proper temperature, away from direct light or excessive humidity. Also make sure to keep it out of reach of children.

5. Keep following the COVID-19 prevention measures

Even if you have taken paxlovid, it is important to follow the suggested COVID-19 prevention measures. Starting from washing hands regularly, using masks, maintaining distance and avoiding crowds. This drug is not a substitute for health protocols recommended by health authorities.

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