Know the Right Time for a Pregnancy Test

“You need to do a pregnancy test when your period is late to confirm pregnancy. The right time to do it is when you have passed your scheduled menstrual period.

A pregnancy test is used to confirm pregnancy. One way is by using a test pack. However, you also need to remember that test packs don't always give accurate results.

There are various factors that can affect the results of the test pack, one of which is the time of examination. So, when is the best time to do a pregnancy test? Check out the following reviews!

It's the Right Time for a Pregnancy Test

Usually a pregnancy test using a test pack can be done by the expectant mother when her period is late. This pregnancy test kit can check the presence of gonadotropin hormone (hCG). Because during pregnancy, this hormone will be released into the bloodstream and urine.

The concentration of this hormone will increase rapidly until it doubles every 2-3 days in early pregnancy. This hormone level is measured through a test pack.

However, not all women who are pregnant have the same hCG levels. Taking a pregnancy test too soon can make the results inaccurate or wrong.

Therefore, the best time to do the test is after one week of missing your menstrual schedule. If the results are still negative even though you feel signs of pregnancy, do a retest in the next 3-5 days.

Some women who feel signs of pregnancy prefer to have an ultrasound examination. However, doing an ultrasound too early doesn't necessarily mean you can see the condition of the fetus. If you want to know the right time to do an ultrasound, you can read the following article When should pregnant women do an ultrasound.

Some Signs of Pregnancy That Can Accompany Late Menstruation

Late menstruation can be a sign of pregnancy. However, you are also advised to do a pregnancy check if the following signs appear:

1. Spots or blood spots appear

Spots of blood or light bleeding can also be a sign of pregnancy, as the initial process of implantation (embedding the embryo in the uterine wall). So, what you need to pay attention to is the difference in texture, color, and amount of blood that comes out. If your test result is positive, but the bleeding is still ongoing, see a doctor immediately.

2. Stomach cramps like menstrual pain

If your stomach feels cramps, but your period still doesn't come, maybe this is a sign that the implantation process is taking place in your uterus.

3. Breasts feel sore

Other signs that may indicate pregnancy are the blood vessels under the skin of the breasts appear darker and the nipples feel sore. In early pregnancy, your body produces a lot of estrogen and progesterone hormones to support the growing fetus, giving rise to this condition.

However, breast conditions like this can also occur in some women who are about to experience menstruation, so it doesn't necessarily indicate pregnancy.

4. Other unusual symptoms

If you feel unusual conditions, such as nausea, no appetite, tired easily, and frequent urination, you may take a pregnancy test right away.

Common Mistakes When Taking a Pregnancy Test

Although the use of pregnancy test kits tends to be easy and practical, there are a number of mistakes that are rarely realized so that the results are less accurate. These errors include:

1. Doing the test too early

It's best not to take a pregnancy test right away when your period is only a day late. This is because the gonadotropin hormone cannot be detected when the examination is carried out too early.

At least, wait until you are late for a week. The time required from the successful process of egg fertilization until this hormone can be detected in the urine is at least 9-12 days.

2. Do not do the test in the morning

In one day, gonadotropin hormone levels can change at any time so that it can affect test results. To work around this, it's best to do the test in the morning when you urinate for the first time. This is because morning urine tends to be more concentrated, so it has higher hCG levels.

If you do it during the day or at night, the urine tends to be more dilute. As a result, it is difficult for pregnancy test kits to detect the hCG hormone.

3. Reading test results too quickly

You need to wait a few minutes to see the results of the test pack. The length of time is generally stated in the instructions for use. Therefore, do not rush to read it. Usually, it takes about 3-5 minutes for the results to come out.

4. Too long to read the test results

The test results can also change if you leave it too long. Generally, results will appear within 3-5 minutes. After this time, the pregnancy test kit will work so it can still change the results.

5. Not retesting

Some women get a negative test result even though they have felt signs of pregnancy or have not had their period. Conversely, a positive test result also does not necessarily mean you are pregnant.

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