One Piece Cosplay Recreates the Wildest Scene with Big Mom

As the anime reaches the climax of the Wano Country Arc with its most recent episodes, One Piece has only just begun to explore what Big Mom is truly capable of, but one One Piece cosplay is reminding fans just how wild Big Mom is by recreating the Emperor's wildest scene in the series to date! Big Mom has been a major character in the series ever since Luffy met the Emperor, but the Whole Cake Island arc revealed just how dangerous a foe Charlotte Linlin could be as she sought to consume as much as possible. 

Through a tragic look into Big Mom's past, it was revealed that as a child, she consumed all of her peers and friends. It was a shocking revelation from which Big Mom never fully recovered, and she did little to alter her Emperor path as seen in the most recent episodes of the anime.

Where to Find Anime and Manga of One Piece

As of the most recent episodes of the One Piece anime, Big Mom continues to pose a grave threat to Onigashima, while Kaido has been engaged in a battle with Luffy atop the Skull Dome. There has been a lot of action in the Wano Country Arc's climax and beyond, but there is a simple way to catch up on the anime and manga. The One Piece manga is now available to read in the digital Shonen Jump library provided by Viz Media. Even the three most recent chapters are available for no cost. 

You can now stream the One Piece anime series on Crunchyroll, along with many of the specials and other extras that have been released over the years. They tease the One Piece anime as follows: "Monkey. D. Luffy will not allow anyone or anything to impede his quest to become the pirate king. With a course set for the perilous waters of the Grand Line and beyond, this is one captain who will not give up until he possesses the greatest treasure on the planet: the Legendary One Piece!"

Where does Big Mom rank among your favorite antagonists from the anime and manga of One Piece? Share your thoughts on it and everything One Piece-related in the comments. 

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