This is the reason people with Savant Syndrome are experts in art and music

"Until now it is not known exactly why people with savant syndrome have extraordinary interests and talents in art and music. However, according to some theories, this is due to left brain dysfunction, which requires the right brain to work harder, thus triggering the development of a great interest in art.”

You've probably seen movies where the characters have mental disorders but are very genius. Or maybe you know some of the world's greatest artists who are incredibly talented, but they actually have autism. Well, this condition is also known as savant syndrome.

Basically savant syndrome is a rare condition in which a person with a developmental or intellectual disability has above average talent. Usually they are very skilled in the arts and music.

So, why can this happen? To find out the answer, let's look at the following discussion.

Why are people with Savant Syndrome good at art and music?

Savant syndrome can actually strike anyone who has developmental problems. However, this syndrome is indeed more often suffered by autistic people. Unfortunately, until now the exact cause of how savant syndrome develops is unknown. However, there are several theories and studies that attempt to reveal the causes of this syndrome.

According to a psychologist from San Diego, Bernard Rimland, noticed that the intelligence abilities of people with savant syndrome generally include artistic skills, or the ability to manipulate three-dimensional objects.

These skills tend to be developed by the right brain which is used to think creatively and visually. However, on the other hand, people with savant syndrome have difficulties in communicating and speaking, which are controlled by the left hemisphere of the brain.

People with savant syndrome generally have brain injuries or dysfunctions from birth that affect their left brain function. Now, when the left brain cannot function properly, the result is that the right brain will develop faster to replace the function of the left brain. This is why autistic people with savant syndrome have extraordinary abilities related to art.

Apart from that, there are also the opinions of other scientists who express an interest, between people with autism and art and music. Due to left brain dysfunction, it is difficult for them to put into words how they feel.

Therefore, they express their emotions through art and music. Art and music are the right media to keep people with savant syndrome connected.

How to Determine Talent for Autistic Children

You need to remember that savant syndrome is a rare condition. So not all children with autism have this syndrome. However, it is also important to keep discovering your little one's talents and interests. Here are things you can apply:

1. Pay attention to your little one's interests

Once the child has been diagnosed with autism, the mother must pay attention to the child's activities to find out his hobbies and interests. Obsession with certain things can be considered a talent.

Now, with support and regular practice, children will be more confident in showing their talents and hobbies.

2. Do therapy

Conducting therapy for autistic children has proven beneficial in the long term if started early. Some therapists can analyze and encourage children to show their hidden talents. When doing therapy, the role of parents is needed to determine the best and most enjoyable treatment plan for your little one.

3. Provide experience

Just like children in general, children with autism also need experience to find out what they like. When mothers support children's interests and provide what they need, difficulties in communicating can be overcome with other forms of expression.

For example, children express their expression through art or music. Exposing children to many experiences also gives them many choices, and makes them feel more happy and free.

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