16 Benefits of Pineapple for Health

There are many benefits of pineapple for health, from boosting immunity, helping diet, to preventing cancer. This is thanks to the abundant nutritional content in this tropical fruit, such as antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Pineapple or Ananas comosus is a fruit that is found in many tropical areas, including Indonesia. Even though it tastes sweet, this fiber-rich fruit has relatively low calories, so it is often used as a diet food.

Pineapple has long been used as a traditional cough medicine and natural ingredient to prevent wrinkles. Not only that, there are many health benefits of pineapple that are rarely known but have been scientifically proven through various studies.

Pineapple Nutrition Content

The weight of 1 medium-sized pineapple is approximately 900–1,000 grams. In 100 grams of pineapple, there are about 40 calories and a variety of the following nutrients:

  • 0.5 grams of protein
  • 10 grams of carbohydrates
  • 1 gram of fiber
  • 58 IU vitamin A, 48 milligrams vitamin C, 18 micrograms folate
  • 110 milligrams potassium, 12 milligrams magnesium

In addition, pineapple fruit also contains B vitamins, choline, selenium, zinc, antioxidants, and bromelain which is a typical enzyme from pineapple. This enzyme can produce substances that can prevent inflammation.

Benefits of Pineapple Fruit for Health

Pineapple fruit has various benefits for many organs of the body, from the digestive organs, skin, to bones and joints. The benefits of pineapple fruit can also be felt on the health of the body in general, because this fruit can strengthen the immune system, control cholesterol, and maintain blood pressure.

By consuming pineapple or applying its extract to the skin, there are various benefits of pineapple for health that you can get, namely:

1. Prevent the flu

The flu is a very common viral infection, even said to be a seasonal disease. Usually, people are more susceptible to contracting the flu when their immunity or resistance decreases, for example due to lack of rest or lack of nutrition.

One of the nutrients that can strengthen the body's immunity is vitamin C. Consumption of 1 cup of fresh pineapple, or about 150 grams, is enough to meet the daily requirement of vitamin C. With adequate intake of vitamin C, the immune system will be stronger to prevent and fight infections, including the flu.

2. Prevent and treat constipation

This fruit, which is easily processed into various dishes, can also prevent and treat constipation. The benefits of pineapple are not only obtained from the fiber content in it, but also from the high water content and bromelain which can improve digestion.

3. Disguise black flecks

The high content of vitamin C and antioxidants in pineapple make this fruit believed to reduce dark spots due to UV exposure and make skin tone brighter. The benefits of pineapple fruit can be obtained by applying a cream containing pineapple extract to the facial skin evenly.

4. Prevent wrinkles on the skin

The benefits of pineapple that can also be felt on the skin are preventing the appearance of wrinkles. This is thanks to the content of vitamin C in pineapple which can increase the production of collagen in the skin.

To get this benefit, you can apply a cream containing pineapple extract to your facial skin. However, if you want the effect to be felt in general, not just on facial skin, the trick is to eat pineapples and have sufficient daily intake of vitamin C.

5. Prevent osteoporosis

Pineapple contains various minerals that are important for bone health, as well as vitamin C which can help absorb calcium from food. Calcium itself is a mineral which is a raw material for increasing and maintaining bone density.

So, by consuming pineapple, you can increase your intake of vitamins and minerals which can prevent bone loss (osteoporosis).

6. Relieve intestinal inflammation

The benefits of this pineapple fruit are thanks to the bromelain content in it. Bromelain is a special enzyme found in pineapples. In addition to maintaining the health of the digestive tract, this enzyme can also reduce intestinal inflammation due to ulcerative colitis. That way, the symptoms and complaints can be reduced.

7. Reduce joint pain

The bromelain content in pineapple has an anti-inflammatory effect. This makes pineapple useful for relieving various pain complaints due to inflammation, especially joint pain.

8. Relieves sinusitis

Apart from reducing joint pain, the antioxidant content and bromelain enzymes which are anti-inflammatory can also be used to reduce pain and other complaints in sinusitis, namely inflammation of the cavities around the nose.

9. Relieves cough

Pineapple has long been known as a traditional cough medicine. The benefits of pineapple fruit are also thanks to its bromelain content. This enzyme relieves coughing by thinning phlegm and reducing the stimulus for coughing.

In addition, pineapple fruit also contains vitamin C which can increase the body's immunity, so it can speed up cough healing.

10. Lose weight

If you are planning to lose weight, add pineapple to your daily diet. Apart from being low in calories, pineapple is also rich in fiber which can have a longer full effect.

Not only that, several studies have also shown the benefits of pineapple in increasing the process of breaking down fat. This can aid weight loss and make your diet more effective.

11. Lower cholesterol

Apart from taking drugs, lowering cholesterol levels needs to be accompanied by changes in lifestyle to be healthier, such as eating fruits, including pineapples.

The benefits of pineapple in lowering cholesterol are obtained thanks to the fiber and antioxidants in it which can reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood.

12. Control blood pressure

Potassium, fiber, and antioxidants in pineapple make this fruit with a sweet and fresh taste can be used to help lower high blood pressure and keep it stable. In addition, its effect on cholesterol levels in the blood can also indirectly prevent high blood pressure (hypertension).

13. Prevent heart attacks

Pineapple is rich in nutrients, including antioxidants which can counteract the harmful effects of free radicals and reduce inflammation in the body. With these benefits, plus its benefits in preventing high blood pressure and high cholesterol, pineapple can reduce the risk of heart attack.

Even so, there are many other factors that also need attention to prevent heart attacks and heart disease. Apart from improving your diet and nutritional intake, you are also advised to exercise regularly, get enough rest, and reduce stress.

14. Prevent cancer

The benefits of pineapple fruit to prevent cancer are none other than thanks to the content of antioxidants which can counteract the effects of free radicals. Cell damage due to free radicals can trigger cancer over time, as well as causing premature aging and various chronic diseases.

That is why, consumption of vegetables and fruit rich in antioxidants, including pineapple, is highly recommended as part of a healthy diet to prevent cancer.

15. Increase sperm production

The benefits of pineapple on this one may rarely be known. Pineapple is believed to increase sperm production because the bromelain content in this fruit can increase testosterone levels, so that sperm production also increases.

16. Speed up wound healing

The content of vitamin C in pineapple can help collagen production. In addition to maintaining skin elasticity and making skin tight, collagen is also needed in the formation of damaged skin tissue. So, when collagen production is good, wound healing on the skin can take place more quickly.

If you want to consume pineapple to get its various benefits, you can eat it directly as a cut fruit, or process it into juice or smoothies.

The recommended amount of pineapple consumption is 1 cup of pineapple per day, or about 165 grams. If consumed in excess, pineapple can cause side effects in the form of a feeling like burning or itching on the tongue, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Consumption of pineapple is not recommended for people who are allergic to latex, because the content of this fruit can trigger allergic reactions, such as itching, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

Applying fresh pineapple directly on the skin is also not recommended as it can cause irritation. If you want to get the benefits of pineapple to reduce signs of aging on the skin, you should use skin care products that contain pineapple extract.

Still related to side effects, there is a myth that eating pineapple can cause premature labor and even miscarriage. The danger of pineapple for pregnancy is associated with the bromelain content which can cause diarrhea or cramps in pregnant women.

In fact, this is not true. If pineapple is consumed within reasonable limits, its nutritional content can actually provide many benefits for the health of the mother and fetus.

You can get the optimal health benefits of pineapple by paying attention to the recommended consumption and how to use it. If you have certain medical conditions, such as latex allergies, stomach acid, or are taking blood-thinning medications, you should first consult your doctor before consuming pineapple.

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