5 Ways to Overcome Burns at Home

Burns are damage to the surface of the skin due to heat that hits the skin directly. The causes are direct contact with heat sources, such as irons, matches, splashes of boiling water, and exposure to chemicals.

Burns are divided into 3 levels, namely first-degree burns (occurring only on the top layer of skin), second-degree burns (outer and bottom layers of the skin), and third-degree burns (not limited to the area). This disorder can cause prolonged scars. This is because the collagen that is produced to repair sunburn will leave scars in the form of thickened and discolored skin.

Here are six ways of first aid that can be done to treat burns at home. Anything?

1. Run the Water

The first time you are exposed to a heat source (for example, an iron), immediately run cold water for at least 30 minutes on the affected area. The suitable water temperature is normal (room temperature), which is neither cold nor hot. The splash of flowing water is meant to keep the water temperature constant, not to follow body temperature. The goal is that the heat generated from the burn does not spread to deeper tissues.

2. Remove Accessories

Remove all accessories, such as watches, rings, bracelets, or necklaces that cover or are around the burn area. Avoid all these accessories quickly to prevent swelling.

3. Aloe Vera

Apart from toothpaste, aloe vera with its anti-inflammatory properties can also promote blood circulation and inhibit the growth of bacteria in the wound area. Apply aloe vera evenly to the burn area several times a day to speed healing.

4. Honey

If you have trouble finding aloe vera, honey can also be used to provide first aid for burns. Honey, which is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, can prevent the skin from possible infections. This liquid is also useful for reducing pain caused by burns.

5. Compress with Ice Water

Another way that can be done is to compress the wound with a cloth filled with ice cubes. Compression can be done for 3-5 minutes per session. Each session can be given a break for 5-15 minutes before compressing again. This process will relieve pain and prevent swelling from the burn.

Among the five ways above, there are several ways that are often done but are not recommended for treating burns. Among others:

  • Apply toothpaste. The reason is because toothpaste contains mint and calcium which can trigger the risk of infection and harm skin tissue. So, as much as possible avoid applying toothpaste to burns to prevent a more severe infection.
  • Butter. Instead of preventing infection, butter applied to burns can actually block air circulation and make the skin more moist, making the skin susceptible to bacterial infection.

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