Be alert, these are people who are at high risk of developing hypertension


“Hypertension is a disease that is significantly influenced by daily habits. There are certain people who have higher risk factors for hypertension because of their habits.

When you are prone to hypertension, there will be many taboos and habit adjustments that you do every day. Therefore, you should do prevention of hypertension rather than treatment.

Even though someone can have it because of genetics, the majority of people suffer from hypertension as a result of doing certain habits. So, see below what are the risk factors for hypertension so that you are not among those who are prone to this disease.

People with High Hypertension Risk Factors

Like the majority of other diseases, hypertension also has risk factors that can increase the likelihood of disease. The types of people who are more likely to experience hypertension are:

1. Rarely exercise and move

When you exercise, blood will pump around the body faster. Therefore, people who move diligently and exercise regularly have lower risk factors for hypertension.

Conversely, if you rarely exercise, you can increase your risk of hypertension because there is no fat burning through physical activity and there are no healthy activities that can improve blood circulation.

2. Often drink alcohol

Drinking more than two glasses of alcohol a day can be a risk factor for hypertension. Basically, alcohol consumption can increase blood pressure.

This happens because alcohol can activate the adrenergic nervous system, so that there is a narrowing of blood vessels and an increase in blood pressure. Therefore, you should limit your alcohol consumption before it's too late.

3. Obesity or excessive body weight

Someone who is overweight and obese has a relationship with cholesterol levels in the body. When fat accumulates in the body and cholesterol levels are high, the heart needs to work harder to pump blood throughout the body. Therefore, high blood pressure is at risk for someone with this condition.

4. People with diabetes

Certain chronic diseases such as diabetes can also be a risk factor for hypertension. When a person has this disease, the blood vessels in the body can be damaged slowly.

This causes the walls of the blood vessels to stiffen and the pressure in the area increases, resulting in high blood pressure. The combination of diabetes and hypertension can also increase the risk of stroke.

5. Elderly

The older you get, the more your body will experience a decrease in function, including blood vessels. When there are changes in the structure and condition of the arteries as you enter the elderly phase, the risk of experiencing high blood pressure increases. Smoker

Smoking can damage the heart and blood vessels. Smokers are more at risk of developing hypertension because of the impact of the harmful substances in them. For example, the nicotine in cigarettes can increase blood pressure.

In addition, the tobacco in it can also increase monoxide levels in the body so that oxygen entering the body will decrease.

7. Difficulty managing stress

When you feel intense stress, your blood pressure can rise quickly and suddenly. This problem is less of a concern if it doesn't happen often.

However, if you often experience high stress, you will be more at risk of developing hypertension. To overcome this, you can do easy ways every day such as relaxation techniques or meditation when stressed.

Those are seven types of people who will experience increased risk factors for hypertension.

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