Easy, This is the Right Lifestyle to Prevent Hypertension

“There are certain factors that can increase the risk of developing hypertension or high blood pressure. It is important to know a good lifestyle to prevent it. “Hypertension is a disease of high blood pressure that can happen to anyone. Although common, this disease can trigger other, more serious diseases, such as heart attacks, strokes, and heart failure.

Everyone of all ages can experience hypertension, but there are certain factors that can increase the risk. Therefore, it is important to know what you can do to prevent hypertension. Check out the following habits that you can apply starting today!

Habits That Can Prevent Hypertension

In order to avoid hypertension, there are some habits you can do from now on. Here are some examples, among others:

1. Maintain weight

Being obese or overweight increases the risk of developing hypertension. This happens because when a person is obese, the fat in the body causes an obstacle to blood flow. Because blood flow is not smooth, the heart also has to work faster to pump blood.

Maintaining a normal weight can help prevent various types of diseases, not only hypertension. To find out if you have a normal weight, you can calculate it using the BMI formula or body mass index.

2. No smoking

Smoking has many negative effects on health, such as high blood pressure and stroke. The nicotine in cigarettes acts as a stimulant for the hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine. These two hormones play a role in increasing blood pressure in the body.

If you have a smoking habit, you can reduce it little by little and start implementing strategies to quit. 3. Limit alcohol consumption

Drinking too much alcohol can cause hypertension. This can happen because alcohol will trigger the production of the hormone renin in the body. This hormone can constrict blood vessels and reduce fluid out of the body. 

When these two things happen together, blood pressure can rise. Make sure you limit your alcohol consumption to no more than one drink per day, or try not to drink alcohol at all.

4. Exercise regularly

Regular exercise can keep your weight stable and lower your blood pressure. The most suitable type of exercise to prevent hypertension is low-intensity aerobic exercise.

You can run, jog, cycle, or do exercise on the mat. This exercise can increase your heart rate and make blood flow more smoothly. The duration of exercise that health experts recommend is 30 minutes per day.

5. Maintain a healthy diet

Eating a healthy diet can prevent hypertension. You can choose foods that can avoid a high increase in blood pressure. Coffee, soda, and energy drinks that contain caffeine are among the drinks that you need to avoid consuming in excess. If you drink more than four cups of coffee a day, you are at risk of developing hypertension.

For food, you can eat lots of fruits and vegetables. These foods are rich in potassium, fiber, and protein which can keep blood pressure low. In addition, maintaining a healthy diet can also prevent many other diseases.

6. Reducing stress

Apparently, stress can also cause high blood pressure. Therefore, maintaining stress levels within normal limits is also important to prevent hypertension. You can train yourself to relax more with stress management techniques such as listening to music, meditating, or moving your body. If you can manage your emotional state, your physical health will also be positively affected.

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