Be Careful Doing Miss V Hundred, It's Dangerous

On the eve of the wedding day, women will usually be busy doing various kinds of self-care starting from toe to head, including Miss V. Well, one of the intimate organ treatments that is often done by prospective brides is hundredth Miss V. Usually this treatment has already been done. package with other body treatments, so inevitably you will go through it.

However, before you do various kinds of Miss V treatments, it's a good idea to find out whether these treatments are really useful. Because it turns out that treatment like hundred Miss V is not good and can actually harm a woman's intimate organs.

What Is Hundred Miss V?

Ratus Miss V is a traditional treatment for female intimate organs which is believed to have the effect of curing all kinds of female problems, scenting and tightening Miss V, and increasing female fertility. When doing this treatment, you will be asked to sit on a special chair where a hole has been made in the middle as a smoke entry point. Then, the area of your intimate organs will be smoked directly by the steam coming from a container filled with boiled water of the hundred herb placed under the chair.

The decoction of hundreds of boiled water is generally made from natural ingredients such as secang wood, turmeric, roses, ginger, nutmeg, and vetiver. In fact, certain salons offer services for Miss V, which are more modern, which combine traditional herbal ingredients with direct infrared radiation to the intimate organs. The heat rays emitted from infrared are believed to have the effect of making Miss V look younger. This hundred Miss V treatment usually takes 30 minutes.

The Bad Impact of Hundred Miss V

But in fact, all the benefits of Miss V have not been scientifically proven. A number of health experts even agree that steaming intimate areas can actually trigger side effects that interfere with Miss V's health.

1. Make Miss V's skin blister

According to Mary Jane Minkin, M.D., teacher of obstetrics and gynecology at Yale School of Medicine, the heat generated from the hundred herb can cause blisters on the intimate organs, even to second-degree burns. In addition, because the vaginal opening is right in line with the bladder and anus, hot steam that is too hot can damage the skin tissue around these three areas. Hundreds of steam heat will also make Miss V feel itchy and uncomfortable.

2. Damaging Good Bacteria

Instead of cleaning, caring for sex organs like a hundred can actually make Miss V dry and disrupt the balance of good bacteria that live in it. The good bacteria in Miss V function to prevent foreign particles from outside from getting too far into Miss V to the internal organs. The dry condition of Miss V due to steaming can also make the female intimate organs vulnerable to injury and irritation.

So, you don't need to do grandiose treatments, because Miss V can actually clean itself.

3. Cannot Balance Hormones

Ratus V is also believed to balance female hormones. But in fact, this is not true. Female hormones are produced by the pituitary gland in the brain and ovaries, not in the vagina or the uterus itself. Unfortunately, the steam produced by the hundreds will not reach the gland, so it will have no effect on hormone levels.

4. Increase Bad Bacteria

According to research published in the journal National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), hundreds of treatments can cause the vaginal flora to become unbalanced. Vaginal flora is a collection of microbes in Miss V that function to protect the intimate organs from various kinds of infections.

The condition of an unbalanced vaginal flora can increase the risk of getting bacterial vaginosis, which is a disease of the sex organs caused by bad bacteria. Apart from that, candida yeast infection is also a definite risk for vaginal discharge.

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