How to Calculate SPF in Using Sunscreen

“Everyone needs to know how to calculate the SPF given to a sunscreen, to get maximum protection from the sun. This is also the best way to prevent the risk of developing skin cancer due to UV rays.”

In the face of today's extreme weather, it's important that you always wear sunscreen every day. In order for the body to be protected from skin cancer, it is necessary to use sunscreen on skin exposed to sunlight every time you leave the house. Protection against UV content from sunlight can keep the skin healthy.

However, many people are confused about how to calculate the SPF content in order to get the right selection. There are several types of SPF, namely 15, 30, and 40. Therefore, know how long the SPF protection lasts.

Calculation of SPF Content in Sunscreen

Indeed, Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is an indicator of a sunscreen product to tell how long it can stay in the sun without burning from UVB rays. So, one needs to know the protection time of the sunscreen before burning the skin.

Then, how do you calculate how long SPF lasts when applied to skin care?

If a person is in the sun without protection, usually the skin will experience redness within 20 minutes, especially in someone who has light skin.

So, to calculate the duration of protection, try to multiply this number by the sunscreen product with the existing SPF content.

For example, if you have a sunscreen with an SPF of 15, multiply it by 20 minutes earlier. Therefore, the protection in the sun that can be obtained without burning is 300 minutes or the equivalent of 5 hours. The skin can be safe from sunburn during this time.

If after 5 hours you are still outdoors, it's a good idea to reapply sunscreen. So that the skin remains protected from various disorders, including skin cancer.

The level of protection of the selected sunscreen, namely:

  • Low: SPF below 15.
  • Medium: SPF 15 to 29.
  • High: SPF 30 to 49.
  • Very high: SPF over 50.

Therefore, the selection of SPF level adjustments should be in accordance with the existing weather. If the sun is very hot, you should choose a sunscreen with an SPF above 30.

Tips for Using Sunscreen

There are several factors that can affect a person's protection against the sun when applying sunscreen.

Here are some tips when using sunscreen:

  • Pay attention to the amount of sunscreen you use.
  • Take other protection, such as using long sleeves, sunglasses, and hats, to reduce UV exposure to the skin.
  • Apply enough sunscreen, not too much or too little.
  • Make sure to avoid the sun when it's high, like 10am to 4pm.

According to the FDA, the amount of solar energy for 15 minutes at 1 p.m., is the same as that received for one hour at 9 a.m. In other words, when the sun is high, the exposure is even 4 times stronger.

That's a discussion about the calculation of SPF on sunscreen that you need to know. Make sure to choose a sunscreen according to the weather, so you get maximum protection.

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