Is it OK to Clean Miss V with Betel Leaf Boiled Water?

Betel leaf is quite popular as a natural antiseptic which is not only used to clean Miss V, but also allergies or infections in other body parts. Medical research shows that betel leaves contain important substances that are effective in healing wounds, stopping bleeding, healing infections, and killing parasitic microorganisms. However, many women ask whether it is permissible to clean the vagina with betel leaf boiled water? The reason is, the woman's intimate parts are somewhat sensitive to a substance, so it really has to be ascertained. To find out the answer, read the following review!

Betel Leaf and Miss V

For the cleanliness of Miss V itself, the efficacy of betel leaf is believed to kill fungi, bacteria, parasites and microorganisms that cause vaginal discharge. Using betel leaves for vaginal hygiene and curing vaginal discharge can be done in a simple way. Even so, some women use betel leaf boiled water to clean the vagina, is that okay?

In fact, this is one of the most common ways to do it. The trick, prepare 10 betel leaves, then wash them thoroughly. After that, boil betel leaves using 500 ml of clean water to boil. Cool the water to room temperature. Then, use the water to rinse the female area.

However, before using this method, you should ask your doctor directly to find out the right way to keep Miss V clean. Even though betel leaf has many health benefits, there are some side effects that you need to know when you use too much betel leaf on Miss V. .

Even though it has good properties, it doesn't mean that betel leaves can be used every day on a regular basis. You see, regular use can eliminate the natural pH in intimate areas. Miss V has good bacteria which function to maintain an acidic environment in the genital organs at normal temperatures.

In fact, Miss herself can clean herself without the help of cleaning products. However, there are certain situations, such as infection, so cleaning products are needed to make Miss V's natural pH return to normal. However, if Miss V is not experiencing problems and is in normal condition, aka balanced, it's best if you don't "disturb" existing conditions with excessive care. One of them is by using betel leaf boiled water.

Precisely cleaning Miss V excessively can disturb the balance and irritate Miss V. Therefore, if you have experienced excessive vaginal discharge after using feminine hygiene products, this could be because you are using feminine hygiene products that you shouldn't.

The Right Way to Maintain Cleanliness of Miss V

Then, how exactly to clean Miss V? Actually you don't need to clean the vagina because this organ has a natural process to clean itself. Meanwhile, what you have to pay attention to cleanliness is the external organs of the vagina. This includes the clitoris as well as the labia.

You can clean this part using clean water. Make sure the area between the labia is clean of accumulated dirt. Apart from these areas, you can also clean the area between the anus and the vulva. When cleaning this area, clean the vulva first, then clean the anus. In other words, wipe from front to back.

Apart from doing proper cleaning, you can also do these things to keep Miss V clean:

1. Always clean the Miss V and vulva area after intercourse.

2. Make sure the Miss V and vulva area is not damp. There's nothing wrong with wearing sweat-absorbing pants.

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