Mom, this is the right way to deal with swollen breasts

“Swollen breasts or mastitis is a common complaint experienced by nursing mothers or women during menstruation. Blockages in the milk ducts or bacterial infections can be treated in various ways, one of which is compressing the breast.

  The breast has four main tissues, namely connective tissue, fatty tissue, glands and milk ducts. If there is interference with one or several breast tissues, for example a blockage in the milk ducts, swollen breasts can occur.

When they swell, the size of the breasts becomes noticeably larger and the blood vessels are sometimes more visible. In addition, the skin texture becomes rougher and the breasts feel warmer.

So, how do you deal with swollen breasts in Busui?

The Right Way to Overcome Swollen Breasts

Certainly, this change in the shape of the breast can cause pain and discomfort. Actually, how to deal with swollen breasts depends on the condition that is the cause. If swelling in the breast occurs due to mastitis, the mother can do the following to overcome it:

Compress and Breast Massage

Compress the breasts using a towel that has been soaked in warm water for a few minutes, then continue with a light massage when the mother is about to breastfeed. After feeding, compress the breast again using cold water. To help reduce blockages, mothers can breastfeed on swollen breasts first.

Empty Breast

Continuing to breastfeed is the most effective way to deal with mastitis. This is because swollen breasts can occur because breast milk is not removed. Mothers can breastfeed directly or pump milk to empty the breast. In addition, make sure the mother has gotten the correct and comfortable breastfeeding position so that the milk can flow smoothly.

Ask the Doctor

If the blockage has not disappeared within 8-12 hours, immediately ask the doctor for proper treatment. Because the treatment of mastitis should be done as soon as possible. Doctors will usually prescribe antibiotics and pain relievers such as ibuprofen or paracetamol. Meanwhile, if swollen breasts occur due to menstruation, treatment can be done independently at home. Here are the steps:

Warm Compress

Compress the breast with a towel that has been soaked in warm water. Warm temperatures can help relax tight muscles and relieve pain. In addition, you can also soak or take a warm bath.

Cold compress

Apart from using warm water, swollen breasts due to menstruation can also be overcome using cold compresses. Wrap the ice in a towel and apply it to the swollen breasts. In addition, you can also use ice gel.

Wear a Comfortable Bra

A comfortable bra can relieve pain while reducing pressure on the breasts. However, you should avoid wearing underwire bras when your breasts are swollen and painful. If possible, wear a comfortable bra while sleeping so it can support the breasts properly.

In addition, using a sports bra or a special sports bra can also be the right choice. Because, the bra is made specifically to support the breast and protect it from pressure. If the bra feels tight, immediately replace the bra with the right size.

Pay attention to food and drink consumption

When your breasts are swollen, there's nothing wrong with paying more attention to the food and drinks you consume. Reduce your intake of fatty foods, such as fried or fast food, and replace them with fruits and vegetables. Also, reduce your intake of caffeine and foods that taste too salty.

Take Painkillers

If the pain in your breasts is getting more and more uncomfortable and doesn't improve even after doing the tips above, try taking pain relievers. However, if a swollen breast is followed by severe pain, a lump appears on one side, and blood or brown discharge comes out of the nipple, immediately go for an examination to the nearest doctor or hospital.

Because, this condition needs to get a thorough examination by a doctor to ensure that swollen breasts do not occur due to a serious medical condition.

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