Liz Truss apologizes to Britain as she tries to keep the troubled prime minister position on track

The British prime minister also confirmed he would 'definitely' lead his party into the next general election.

LONDON — Is it too late to apologize now?

After weeks of market turmoil and countless U-turns, British Prime Minister Liz Truss apologized Monday night for what she called "mistakes that have been made" during the weeks of opening the prime minister's office which was already under threat.

"First of all, I want to accept responsibility and apologize for the mistakes that have been made," Truss said in an interview with the BBC.

"I wanted to act, to help people with their energy bills, to deal with high tax issues, but we went too far and too fast," he added.

Truss also insisted he would "definitely" lead his Conservative Party to the next general election, expected in 2024.

The new PM is already struggling to hold on to his position after roughly six weeks on Downing Street. A growing number of Conservative lawmakers are openly plotting ways to oust the prime minister, who was forced to fire his close friend Kwasi Kwarteng as chancellor following an angry market response to his tax-cutting agenda.

Earlier Monday, Jeremy Hunt, Truss' hastily appointed successor, used a television address to essentially rip up the manifesto Truss ran to eventually win the summer Tory leadership contest.

"Growth requires confidence and stability," Hunt said, in a clear acknowledgment that Truss had been unable to provide both since his appointment as prime minister on Sept. 6.

The struggling prime minister later avoided a request from the opposition Labor Party for him to appear in the House of Commons and explain the rationale behind replacing Kwarteng with Hunt.

His backer for the parliamentary appearance, Commons leader Penny Mordaunt, was forced to deny that Truss was hiding from scrutiny.

"Well, the prime minister isn't under the table, as the lady said," said Mordaunt.

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